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Dear guests!

We are open for business and very happy to welcome you :

Tuesday thru Saturday
06:00PM – 01:00AM


The Rhino Team


Actual Rules:

– Please wait to be seated
– Indoors, you should be able to show a full corona vaccination digital pass or recovering from Covid since less than 6 month (2G)
– Outdoor, no vaccination or test needed. 
– Registration via app (Luca or Corona-Warnapp) or on paper at the table is mandatory. 1x per Table.

We can’t accomodate group larger than 5 guests. 

 What sounds complicated, we will definitely manage together, we are very confident 🙂


The Rhinoçéros team 

Welcome to Rhinoçéros, our small, modern Jazzbar, that was built around a beautiful Vintage Soundsystem and an always growing record collection. We play vinyl only and every now and then we even present Live Music. For joining our special Events, it is worth checking out the Event Calendar on this website and/or following us on Facebook or Instagram.

We serve exquisite artisan Wines, classic Drinks and a variety of delicious Snacks.
We’re focused on Japanese Whiskies, but we do, of course, serve American / French / Irish, Scottish and even Brandenburg Whiskies, too.

In summer, our beautiful terrasse is the perfect spot to enjoy a warm evening in good company, and for darker days in Winter we offer a super cosy livingroom-atmosphere that involves a warming fireplace.

For our “Listening Sessions” , see the Events section for the complete program, music is played to a seated audience. Reservation is recommended and the needle drops 08:30PM sharp. Attendees are asked to show on time. Speaking or using devices during the session is forbidden. 

We are a non-smoking bar.

This is our actual Audio setup: Bowers & Wilkins DM70 speakers, Quad 33 & 34 Preamp, Quad 303 & 606 Amp, Micro-Seiki DQX-500 turntable, Audio Technica AT VM740ML & ATVM750SH Cartridges. AVM Rotation R 2.3 Turntable with ATOC9XSH MC cartridge. 

Thank you Audio Technica for the support.

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