Welcome Home


Very dear guests!

We are very pleased to welcome you from 06:30pm Tuesday thru Saturday! 

Also please remember, in the spirit of a small jazz bar:

– Please wait to be seated 
– Please understand that we don’t accomodate groups larger than 4 guests. 
– We do reserve table from 06:30 thru 09:30pm. 
    Walk-ins from 10pm. 
    We are happy to take reservations per e-mail.
    Understand that we can only take consideration of a reservation with enought time ahead (24h)
– To hear more say less

Thank you very much for your  continual support !

The Rhinoçéros team 

Welcome to Rhinoçéros, our small Jazzbar, that was built around a beautiful vintage soundsystem and an always growing record collection. We play vinyl only. For joining our special Events, it is worth checking out the Event Calendar on this website and/or following us on Instagram.

We serve exquisite artisan Wines, classic Drinks and a variety of delicious Snacks.
We’re focused on Japanese Whiskies, but we do, of course, serve American / French / Irish, Scottish and even Brandenburg Whiskies, too.

In summer, our beautiful terrasse is the perfect spot to enjoy a warm evening in good company, and for darker days in Winter we offer a super cosy livingroom-atmosphere that involves a warming fireplace.

For our “Listening Sessions” , see the Events section for the complete program, music is played to a seated audience. Speaking or using devices during the session is forbidden. 

We are a non-smoking bar.

This is our actual Audio setup: Altec Lansing VOTT A7, Quad 33 Preamp, Quad 303, Micro-Seiki DQX-500 turntable, Audio Technica AT VM740ML & ATVM750SH Cartridges. Sim Audio LP110 Phono Preamp. Resør 2500 Class-A Mixer for selector Setup. 

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